About ME


I'm Minh (or Jin, as everyone usually call me). I'm a Graphic Designer based in Hanoi. I studied Visual Communication at the University of Derby (UK), graduated in 2012 and started working professionally ever since. 

I've worked for a few studios as graphic designer and art director, but as of now I mostly taking commission and working freelance. 

My main fields of interest (and most comfortable working environments) are branding and photography. I've been working with a lot different type of clients ranging from small to mid size business with technology background, fashion oriented companies and some entertainment agencies.


I started to learn photography back in 2012 and been working professionally for the last few years. I mostly take fashion photos commission and do enjoy taking outdoor, casual photographs in my free time.

I do apologise as this website is still a work-in-progess, there're a lot of unfinished contents and the writings are terrible. As of now I'm working my hardest right now to complete this, so meanwhile, feel free to take a look around and contact me if you have any inquiries :)  



Drop me an email or reach me through Facebook :)

Email: minh.nguyen0410@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jin0410

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